Saturday, 16 June 2012

The Plan

On 25th June 2012 I leave the UK and head off for 6 months in South Africa. The purpose of the trip is to accompany Alan Lee from Blue Hills in the Bavianskloof on his research project (link). This will be for 3 months after which my family are coming over for a fortnight who I will meet up with. I will spend 2 weeks with them around Langebaan on the West Coast. My next stop is to train as a field guide with Ulovane training (link) on Amakhala (link). This will help me for my future in which I will become a field guide in South Africa.

Followers of my other blog from my time in the UK (link) will be familiar with the type of content I post. For newcomers take a look at the other blog but here is a quick round up. Expect camera trapping, photography, videos, a few rants, and any other nature or photography based content.

Being in South Africa and travelling around a bit things here should be more exciting. Stay tuned for more content soon.

Naturally I don't know how often I will be able to update here but I will do my best.

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