Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Blue Atlantis Escape

So some exciting news. It rained in the karoo. And by rain I mean rain. So much rain fell in six hours that the rain gauges here overflowed, and they hold around the 10% of the average annual rainfall for the area. So what fell in the whole 48 hours I do not know.

The extent of the flood

Roads have been swept away, power lines and phone lines toppled, people cut off for days including myself. The two access roads to the Blue Hill where swept away and turned into rivers. The river crossings where river rapids clogged with trees and other debris.

The river crossing
The river in the photos is usually just a trickle. I have no comparison images yet.

More flood
Along with wind was rain and a huge branch from a tree snapped off and narrowly missed the hilux vehicle.

The large branch

Luckily we had only just stocked up on food so for the few days we had been isolated we had enough supplies to stop us resorting to cannibalism. On the way out the full extent was seen. Many streams where raging torrents. All the way to Cape St Francis where I am now safely sitting in nice weather the rain had taken its toll aswel.

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